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Russells Hall Hospital

Anti-coagulation Suite
The rationalization and refurbishment of existing healthcare accommodation to provide a new Anti-coagulation Clinic facility at Russells Hall Hospital.

Overclad of North Block
Design and detail proposals for the external envelope of an existing three storey Clinical and Training facility building, to substantially enhance the visual aspects, environmental performance and projected lifespan of the building. The proposals implemented included overcladding of walls and roof whilst the building remained in continued use. Approx value of the works was £1m.

Design and detail proposals for the refurbishment of the Endoscopy Suite at Russells Hall and Corbett Hospitals, including the introduction of new scope wash facilities, new segregated male and female patient facilities and new staff facilities. Approx value of the works £2m.

Refurbishment of EAU Department to achieve compliance with segregated sex planning.

Formation of new Endoscopy Decontamination suites at Russells Hall & Corbett Hospitals.
Value £2.2m. Completed 2012.

Refurbishment of HSDU suite (whilst maintaining functional operation).
Value£2.0m. Completed 2012.

Refurbishment of Mammography Suite.
Value £0.6m. Completed 2011.

Conversion of three new wards, Oncology Day Care & Inpatients facilities.

MRI/CT Scanner Unit & Gamma Camera
Value £1.3m. Completion: 2011.

Refurbishment of hospital wing to form new Anti-coagulation Department.
Value £0.8m. Completed: 2011.

Refurbishment of North Block containing GUM Clinic, Ophthalmology and teaching facilities.
Value: £1.5m. Completed: 2010.