• Sandy Lane West

Sandy Lane West

Working closely with the commercial client Rego properties, Sandy Lane West forms a 7-acre existing employment site adjacent the Oxford Eastern Bypass Road near the BMW Cowley Motor works. The development has been phased in three distinct sections, and has aimed to regenerate a dilapidated and underperforming industrial estate.

Phase 1 of the development was completed prior to 2006 included the prevision of a vehicle maintenance facility for Stagecoach. Phase 2 completed in 2008 included the provision of 50,000ft2 of Industrial warehousing with associated office provisions with external service yards, and is currently let to Stagecoach and Speedy hire. In 2010, Seymour Harris Architecture worked closely with the tenant organisation Travis Perkins to refurbish and extend 27,000ft2 of existing warehouse facilities with associated offices and sales areas, which is now open to the public.

The final phase 3 of the sites development is currently at planning applications stage, and is expected to be approved enabling permission to provided a further 36,000ft of industrial warehousing with associated offices and yard areas.